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So many of us regularly take or book a taxi service in Sydney, yet we rarely ever think about the history of the cabs Sydney.

Taxis as we know were started in 1891. The taxi we know today is based on the taximeter, which was originally invented by German Friedrich Wilhelm Gustav Bruhn. A taximeter measures the time or distance a vehicle travels and because of it an accurate taxi fares are determined.

History of cabs in Australia

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Horse-drawn taxis were adopted in Australia after the establishment of city centers, first in Brisbane. Hansom cabs were also popular, and these were only phased out in Brisbane in 1935.

Sydney was the first Australian city to adopt motorised taxis, in 1906, soon followed by other major centers. Most of the early motorised taxis in Australia were French-built Renault’s, catering to men of social prominence. By the 1920’s, sedan taxis vehicles were introduced, with American-made cars being favored.

Today taxis in Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and other cities are the most convenient way to get around. With apps to hire, fixed fares, and luxury vehicles, we have come a long way as the history shows.

Modern Day Cabs Sydney Service

The best way to see Sydney’s many sights and attractions is on foot, coupled with the use of the public transport system or with Sydney taxi service. Sydney cabs are the best option as you have the privilege to roam around as per your wish and timings. And since all the cars are now enabled with GPS, you need not fear about getting lost in a new city.

Sydney taxi services are among the most highly regulated industries in Australia. The taxi services are well-maintained, making sure that passengers will be safe whether they are traveling to long or short distances.

Taxi services in Sydney are regarded as the best transport providers and you are guaranteed to have comfortable traveling experiences with your family and friends all the time. When it comes to payment options you can easily pay with cash, debit cards or credit cards.

Given that you can find large fleets in Sydney, you can travel around the metropolitan and adjoining areas and feel confident that you are benefiting from safe and reliable Cool Cabs transportation services. 

Taxis in Australia are easy to book ans will come to your exact pick-up location regardless of whether you will need services to travel to and from the airport or even to attend events such as conventions, weddings, proms, casino outings, corporate executive meetings and more, you can expect nothing but the best.

When you utilize the shuttle service there will be no hassle as you are guaranteed to get direct, reliable and prompt services. It is possible to select from immaculately kept and brand new vehicles, plus the drivers are experienced, friendly and professional. These drivers are well-known for providing high-quality services and full satisfaction anytime.

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